Vrana Lake Nature park Croatia: a lake excursion you won't forget

Vrana Lake Nature park Croatia: a lake excursion you won't forget

Between two history rich cities Of Šibenik and Zadar in Croatia, there is a magnificent natural phenomenon, from one side the Adriatic coast famous for its beauty and clean waters, and from the other the largest natural lake in Croatia - the Vrana lake.

The lake stretches in parallel with the coast which is only 1 kilometer away. The Park area is important for its ecological value for various bird species it is protected under Important Bird Areas in Europe. It is a unique joined area of land and water which provides life for Mediterranean flora and fauna. From afar it looks like an infinite pasture because of shallow areas with grass, butterflies and bugs. It will leave you speechless!

Vrana lake Croatia Zadar

Birds are an important part of animal life here, so bird lovers, get ready for an adventure! 251 bird species and 102 different nests are discovered in the park and the number definitely won't stop there! 4 bird species are endangered on Europe area and 7 in Croatia. It is also an important feeling and resting area for a lot of birds in Europe. More than 100 000 birds pass through the winter through this area.

Fishing lovers will also have their day here, as well as those who enjoy biking and walking in untouched nature as there is 40 kilometers of biking and walking paths. Discover every breathtaking view along the path and don't forget to bring your camera!

Visit this unique part of Croatia and see the nature so peaceful and exciting that it will be an unforgettable experience! Rent villa near Šibenik or villa in Zadar and vacation in style!