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Vrsar: a small holiday pearl in Istria

Vrsar: a small holiday pearl in Istria

Vrsar is a dreamy small village in Croatia and a true Istrian gem. This tourist destination in western Istria is situated 9 kilometres south of Poreč. It was formerly known as Orsera and it has been inhabited since prehistoric times, when the ancient Histri and Liburni people lived there, and was conquered by the Romans in the 1st century. Croatia finally annexed it following WWII.

The city’s winding stone streets that end in small, cosy squares have helped it keep its Mediterranean feel. In the past, Vrsar developed on a 55 m high hill, but nowadays, a touristy new Vrsar is sprouting up along the lovely coast and clear sea. Accommodation is offered in hotels or campsites and, even better, wonderful modern villas that will make your stay unforgettable.

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What can you do in Vrsar?

The biggest attraction of this fantastic place is unquestionably its picturesque port, which is among the most beautiful in Croatia. The breathtaking beauty of Vrsar’s Old Town will definitely astonish you. With its winding streets, charming colourful houses and beautiful cafés, it resembles a real fairy-tale Mediterranean village that we typically only see on postcards.

Vrsar is full of pebbly and rocky beaches, where you can enjoy swimming and relaxing and that are neatly lined up along the coast in Vrsar and where you will instantly notice the alluring turquoise colour of the water, which makes Vrsar a true jewel of the Croatian coast.

You shouldn’t hesitate to make your holiday as relaxing as possible and rent a villa in Istria. Picking the right location will be crucial for your field trips on this amazing peninsula. Spoil yourself with a luxurious vacation and enjoy the beauties of the Istrian coast!

Discover the breathtaking views of Lim Bay

One of the most popular natural attractions not only in Vrsar but in the entire region from Poreč to Rovinj is without a doubt Lim bay. The unique Lim bay or Lim channel hides various rare plant and animal species, as well as natural phenomena.

The wonderful Lim was created long ago when the Pazinčica riverbed dried up, the sea rose and flooded the valley, which is now home to a wide variety of marine species of fish and shellfish. The Lim channel hides many attractions that you should definitely explore, either by boat, bicycle or foot. Lim bay is also home to a number of fascinating caves, endemic insects, different kinds of plants etc.

Lim Bay

Stroll through the Old Town

The narrow, winding streets that make up the historic centre of Vrsar weave in and out of the city’s many structures and buildings. All the streets in Vrsar go up and down and follow the natural physiognomy of the hill on which Vrsar is located. Every corner, ascent, or intersection with another alley opens up and reveals some new architectural details, such as windows, balconies, or staircases, which present a challenge and surprise for travellers.

Vrsar has been situated on a prominent hill right next to the coast since the Middle Ages. This implies that there are prime locations, or viewpoints, from which the nearby islands, islets and bays are clearly visible. The views of the island of Sveti Juraj, the Vrsar pier and its marina, Sveta Marija od Mora church and the abandoned Montrake quarry add to the value of Vrsar’s viewpoint.


Explore the Pirate Cave

The Pirate Cave is one of the attractions you’ll come across if you decide to take a boat ride along the Lim channel. This unique cave only has an entrance from the seaside and, according to stories, served as a haven for pirates awaiting their loot in ancient times. Today, the unique Pirate Cave is the inspiration for many interesting stories in tourist guides.

The Vrsar archipelago makes for a beautiful postcard

The Vrsar archipelago is one of the most indented archipelagos not only in Istria but also in the wider areas of the Adriatic. It is made up of numerous larger and smaller islands, which are mostly inhabited and enchanted with their natural beauty.

Spend the day in Dinopark

The Funtana Dinopark is situated 2 kilometres from Vrsar and is an extremely popular attraction, especially with children. This enormous amusement park offers a variety of life-size and movable dinosaur statues that are guaranteed to amaze young and old. It is undoubtedly great fun for the whole family!

Vrsar is a relatively small area, but it is very interesting to see how many natural beauties are located in one place. A boat tour from Rovinj or Poreč or renting a villa in some of those cities (e.g. a rustic paradise La Dolce villa in Rovinj or an amazing villa Mariva in Poreč) as a starting point for your Istria adventure is definitely a great idea since both the Vrsar archipelago and the Lim channel are simply enchanting.

Vrsar is like an open stage where many festivals, concerts and famous fishermen’s festivals are held. Best of all, Vrsar will delight all those who are looking to avoid crowds during the summer months, although it is becoming more and more popular with tourists.

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