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Why choose a villa instead of a hotel for your holiday accommodation?

Why choose a villa instead of a hotel for your holiday accommodation?

Renting a villa with a private pool and green surroundings is a better and more practical way to spend your holiday in than a hotel. Freedom of moving around without restrictions while on vacation is an important factor for those traveling with small children and friends.

By choosing a luxury villa as your accommodation you have the choice of going somewhere whenever you want, eat whenever you want, walk around the property without caring for other guests, as you have booked a villa only for you and your family.

Guests who rent a villa don't have to worry about the working hours of the swimming pool, sauna or jacuzzi. They can use those whenever they want and don't have to wait in line for use.

Guests can use a gym, drive a bicycle, run, meditate all depending on their personal habits and needs, and they can behave as they are home.

If your habit is waking up at 5 a.m. and going to the gym, nothing stops you from doing that in a villa.

Otherwise, in a hotel, you would have to adapt to the working hours of the gym. Morning jump and swimming in the swimming pool and breakfast on the deck after in private is a priceless experience!

Hotels can't manage this level of personalized stay, as you can choose villa that fits your needs. Looking to work out? Find a villa with a state of the art gym. Traveling to completely relax without being bothered by anyone? Choose a secluded location with a sauna and jacuzzi. The possibilities are endless!

Villas offer a much higher level of privacy than hotels. Instead of staying in one of the rooms in a hallway, villa gives you the luxury of creating your own home during your vacation and completely enjoy the private surroundings many villas offer.

Villas are often in great locations, surrounded only by nature, giving you a stunning panorama view or they are only a few paces away from the sea! Some even have special amenities like a private docking place for your boat, free entry to national parks, etc.

You and your family and friends can separate themselves into different bedrooms without the feeling of being crowded.

Everyone can enjoy their own personal space and privacy and at the same time enjoy precious moments together in incredibly spacious living rooms and terraces, which are allhard to find in hotels.

Each of the villas in MyLuxoria's offer has a spacious living room and dining room, as well as an outside terrace where you can spend your time relaxingwith your loved ones. Some villas have game rooms or even a private cinema!

Some villas have many amenities for children and the youngest, like a children's playground, gaming consoles,board games and even for playing a sport like a tennis court.

Villas really give you a better vacation experiencethan a hotel and give you a better price for families and larger groups.

We are sure you will see that for yourself once you try it, so you shouldn't miss early booking discounts. Check out our offer today!

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