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The Enchanting Croatian Island of Hvar

The Enchanting Croatian Island of Hvar

If you're looking for a true Mediterranean jewel, Hvar is the right place for you. It’s a Croatian island in the Adriatic Sea, just near the islands of Brač, Korčula and Vis. Beloved by both locals and tourists, Hvar is a popular destination for summer vacations. With its 7.7 sunny hours per day and 2800 sunshine hours per year, it’s a great place to rest, swim or go for an active vacation.

Hvar is one of the best-smelling islands on the Croatia coast with abundant lavender fields, orchards, vineyards,  and olive fields. You’ll feel like you’ve entered a romantic old movie when discovering the agricultural side of Hvar. Aside from nature, Hvar has a lot of historical and cultural monuments to offer, many of them being on the UNESCO heritage list. Once you get tired of exploring your surroundings, you can head to some of the amazing accommodations on this magical island.

Visit the beaches

As an island in the Adriatic Sea, Hvar is bound to have amazing beaches and crystal-clear water. This is one of the reasons so many tourists and celebrities visit it every year. Most of the beaches are surrounded by deep Mediterranean shade thanks to the pine trees so you can enjoy both sunbathing and resting in shade.

Dubovica Beach

One of the most enchanting beaches on the island of Hvar is Dubovica. The sea is a special shade of turquoise so you’ll feel like you’ve entered a painting. However, to get to this beach you’ll have to take a short walk from the road as it’s not accessible by cars. This is great news because it means more peace.

Dubovica Beach

Bonj Beach

You can get a truly luxurious beach experience on the Bonj Beach. It’s also surrounded by pine trees so there’s lots of natural shade, but there is also a wide offer of spas, massages or sports. Some of the best parties and dining happens at Bonj Beach. If you’d like to swim after a tennis game, Bonj is the perfect place for you.

Those seeking a luxurious vacation should check out summer villas on the island of Hvar – some of which have their own pools while some are just next to the sea.

Discover Hvar’s history and culture

While Hvar has crystal clear sea and some of the most beautiful beaches on the Adriatic coast, it also has a rich history. There are numerous monuments from various parts of the island’s history because it was an important place even in Ancient times. It has a great location in the Adriatic so it’s played an important part in trading throughout history.

UNESCO Heritage on Hvar

One of the most impressive monuments on Hvar is the Stari Grad Plain – an agricultural landscape now over 2000 years old. It was founded by the ancient Greeks but remains in use as one of the most fertile grounds on the Adriatic islands. It’s the largest one. Even though it’s in use, the original layout still stands so you’ll get the feeling that you’re walking on ancient land where multiple cultures grew their grapes and olives.

Ancient Old Town (‘’Stari Grad’’)

If you want to discover the true Mediterranean heritage, make sure to visit Stari Grad, one of the oldest towns in this country. It’s filled with traditional Mediterranean architecture so you’ll see a lot of stone houses and beautiful architecture. If you’re visiting in the summer months, you’ll probably come across some of the art and cultural events which aren’t that crowded. This town has a magic of its own and is definitely worth a visit.

While in Stari Grad, make sure to visit Castle Tvrdalj built in the 15th century. It was a summer residence of a Croatian poet Petar Hektorović and it’s home to a beautiful sight of a fish pool surrounded by stone arches. When in search of your summer residence, make sure to choose the right luxury villa.

Old Town

The Heart of Hvar

When visiting Hvar, you can’t skip the town of Hvar – the heart of cultural life. Just like many other towns on Croatian islands, this one has a long history and an ancient origin. If you combine its rich culture with natural beauty, you’ll get the perfect destination. Some of the most popular sights lie here such as the Hvar Fortress and the Franciscan Monastery.

The town of Hvar is also the most popular destination for tourists on this island so there’s great nightlife and restaurants. Everyone will find something for themselves and the number of people that visit it every year confirms it.

Wine and dine

As we’ve already mentioned, Hvar is home to many olive orchards and vineyards. As such, it’s home to some amazing wines and food. Winemaking has been a tradition on this island for hundreds of years so make sure to try out some local wines such as the Plavac Mali.


In the end, you can’t really go wrong when visiting Hvar because everything you check out will be amazing. The combination of mesmerizing blue sea, beautiful nature, rich history and culture as well as luxury accommodations make Hvar the perfect summer destination.

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