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Free from clothes - Best nudist beaches in Croatia

Free from clothes - Best nudist beaches in Croatia

Croatia is a small country with great treasures. More than a thousand islands, and 1700 kilometres of coast, filled with all kinds of beaches, from big, sandy bays to secretive and rocky coves. No matter what kind of a beach person you are, there is a place where you can have your best time in Croatia. 

If you’re a lover of nature and its raw beauty, FKK beaches should be your go-to. FKK comes from the German “Frei-körper-kultur”, which translates to “free body culture”  and represents places where wearing no clothes is acceptable. It is also simply called a nudist location. 

There are many nudist beaches across the coast, and My Luxoria is bringing you top picks for hitting the beach bikini-free!

Best nudist beaches in Croatia 

There are quite a few FKK beaches in Croatia, so let’s categorise them by different regions. 

FKK Beaches in Istra and Kvarner

FKK Kažela, Medulin is a nudist beach next to a camp, where people can connect with nature by living in it and swimming freely. The city of Medulin is only 10 kilometres from the historic city of Pula, the symbol of Istra, the biggest Croatian peninsula. 

FKK St. Nikola is a secretive beach on a little island near Poreč city. You reach it by organised boats that sail every hour.

Moving south, we come across the sweet little city of Vrsar between Poreč and Rovinj, with the island of Koversada connected to the town via a bridge. There, you’ll find a beautiful FKK Koversada, one of the oldest naturalistic beaches.

When it comes to Kvarner, make sure to take a look at FKK Baldarin near Pogana town on Cres Island, FKK Sunčana Uvala on Mali Lošinj Island, and FKK Tomaževo on the island of Krk.

FKK Beaches in Istra and Kvarner

FKK beaches in Dalmatia

Besides world-famous beaches like Zlatni Rat and Blue Lagoon, there are also breathtakingly beautiful naturalistic beaches in Dalmatia, both on the islands and the coast. 

One of the most famous nudist beaches in all of Croatia and beyond is FKK St. Jerolim. This small island is part of the Paklinski Islands near Hvar and is reserved exclusively for nude swimmers. You can choose between soft pebble beaches on one side, and rocky spots ideal for jumping into the turquoise sea on the other. The island is equipped with showers, as well as a small restaurant. You can get to it by regular boat trips from Hvar.

Known as one of the most beautiful nudist beaches in Croatia is FKK Nugal in Tučepi, near Makarska. This beautiful pebble beach is hidden between two big cliffs. You get to it on foot and through the nearby forest, as it is completely isolated from the civilization. 

Near Makarska, you can also find Cvitačka, a nudist beach with a dog-friendly section, where you can take your furry friends! It is a secretive spot hidden by big pine trees, providing great shade during those hot days with scorching sun.

On the Pelješac peninsula, you can find FKK Grdni Do. It is a wild beach near the town of Žuljan.

On the southern part of Dalmatia, you can find FKK Jelenica on the island of Ugljan, approachable on foot and hidden in the shade of pine trees. Near Primošten you’ll come across a miniature island of Smokvica with a nudist beach, perfect for those seeking privacy.

There are many more unofficial, hidden, or wild nudist beaches all across the Adriatic coast, and the best way to find them is to roam around nature. Do not hesitate to ask the locals for instructions, as they know the best!

Basic rules on nudist beaches

If you are new to places where nakedness is accepted, there are some ground rules that should be respected for those locations to remain places of respect and a neutral atmosphere. 

First and foremost, don’t stare. Nobody’s used to seeing naked strangers, and staring doesn’t help in preventing awkwardness. Be respectful of others' vulnerability as they are to yours.

Secondly, no pictures without permission. Nudist beaches are for people to enjoy nature privately, without the internet and social media. If you’re taking photos, make sure that only people who agreed to be photographed are on them. 

Nudist beaches are no place for vulgar activities. You are not alone and activities reserved for your bedroom have no place to be performed around strangers in public.

Lastly, pay attention to beach rules. Some nudist beaches have stricter rules regarding clothes, and some are more relaxed. If clothes are optional, feel free to swim partially or completely covered, but if the beach is strictly naturalistic, there is no room for clothes and they must be off. Also, check for other rules such as smoking, pets, and age permissions on the beach.

Conclusion - Be free!

Exploring the Croatian coast is a magical journey of both connecting with nature and with centuries of culture nurtured by local people. There is no better way to feel nature than in your pure form, and that is the magic of nudism. 

Start your Croatian summer by exploring hidden beaches completely clothes and carefree, and your summer will be nothing short of magical!

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