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Top 3 Beaches in Croatia for Ultimate Vacation

Top 3 Beaches in Croatia for Ultimate Vacation

Croatian beaches are world-famous because of their crystal clear sea and turquoise colours that leave you feeling like you’re staying in paradise.

Today, we’ve picked our top five beaches in Croatia to make it easier for you to choose a truly perfect vacation destination.

Zlatni Rat - Brač

Zlatni Rat is an extremely popular beach located on the island of Brač, in the town Bol. It is also known as the Golden Horn or Golden Cape, and it is one of the most beautiful beaches on the whole Mediterranean coast!

It was mentioned in many world-renowned magazines such as The New York Times and National Geographic, and it’s definitely worth a visit.

The colour of the sea will leave you breathless, and you can enjoy yourself in the shade of many decades-old pine trees.

Where to stay? Our villa Petra Bol is the ideal choice, as it’s located only a few minutes from this gorgeous beach, and you get a panoramic view of the beautiful island of Brač.Zlatni Rat - Brac

Makarska Beach

For the fans of the busy beaches, Makarska beach is ideal. It is located in Makarska, so you don’t need a ride, but only good accommodation nearby. 

This stunning beach stretches for two kilometres, from the western edge of town all the way to the harbour. It has a walking promenade, so it’s also perfect for late-night romantic walks.

We offer many villas in Makarska that are quite popular, so make sure to book the one you like on time. 

Makarska offers much more, as it has many hidden beaches people might have never heard of, and are definitely something you need to add to your bucket list.

Cape Kamenjak - Istria

Cape Kamenjak is something every nature-lover must visit. It is located on the Premantura peninsula, in the southern part of Istria.

As it is a protected nature area, you will need to pay an entrance fee if you plan to enter by car, but it’s free for pedestrians.

Cape Kamenjak is a truly amazing option for a family trip or a romantic getaway. There is so much to explore, but first, you need to head out to the beach and be flabbergasted by the view.

You will have a choice between a rock or a pebble beach, and the landscape surrounding it is magnificent.

There are many caves you can go explore, so don’t forget your snorkels! If you’re on the brave side, you can try jumping off the cliffs into the sea. But we’ll leave that one for you…

If you are lucky enough, you might encounter a dolphin and even swim with one of them, as they are extremely friendly. Another wonderful creature you might see is the Mediterranean monk seals that sometimes sunbathe on the coast.

Besides exploring, there are many other activities you can do. You can go see fossilised dinosaur footprints, and if you like adrenaline, you can try windsurfing or biking around the place.

Just, before you go there, make sure you find yourself a perfect Istrian Villa that will make the vacation even more memorable.Cape Kamenjak - Istria

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