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Vacation with children in Makarska

Vacation with children in Makarska

Deciding where to go and spend your hot, summer days is challenging enough, even more, if you vacation with your children. Finding the perfect place that is also family-friendly is easy in Croatia, especially in Makarska!

The beaches in Makarska are really unique and a great choice to relax and spend your days with family. Most of them have a blue flag, which means top sea quality, which is really important when you're on vacation with your little ones. The 50-kilometre coastline is surrounded by pine trees, as well as stunning shades of the blue-green sea.

Where to stay?

When vacationing with your family, the main problem is where to stay. From apartments and houses to hotels and villas. Choosing the best place for your vacation is really important, there are a lot of family-friendly options available in Makarska.

Not only do they have to be family-friendly, but they also have to be comfortable as you were at your own home. Nowadays, renting a whole house or a gorgeous villa Salvina with your close or extended family is really popular because you have the place for yourself and have some other perks for a relatively small price.

Most of these have exceptional views, amazing housing, and even your own swimming pool, like those from Villa Vespera or Villa Prestige. They have a lot of space for your children to play in and they are enclosed, so you don't have to worry too much about your kid running off somewhere.

There are a lot of family activities besides swimming in the beautiful Adriatic sea. Some are more exciting than others, but a lot of them are educational as well!

Villa Vespera

Makarska Observatory

One of the prettiest and the most popular tourist attractions in Makarska is visiting its observatory. It is built on a monument that is located on a hill called Glavica. It is also surrounded by a thick pine tree forest that provides extra darkness in the nighttime, which is exceptional for sky-viewing.

The Observatory is run by an astronomical organization that promotes activities in fields of astronomy. It delivers unique astronomical, educational, cultural, and recreational experiences. The children are going to love the Observatory!

Makarska Observatory


Flying over the beautiful coastline and the Adriatic sea is one of the best things you can experience! Their water sports centre provides you with a ride that you can’t say no to.

So buckle your life jacket, fasten your belt and enjoy your ride, up to 350 meters above the sea and enjoy the view.

Parasiling Makarska

Botanical garden Kotišina

For those who like nature, this garden is definitely for you and your family. It’s open 24/7 but it is quite an adventure to get there. The park is located on a mountain above Makarska and the path can be pretty steep and rocky. Once you get there, you won’t regret the hike! Numerous plant species are labelled on an area of only 16.5 ha.

If you want to see different kinds of flowers, it's recommended to visit the garden earlier in the season.

Botanical garden Kotišina

Shells Museum Malakoloski Muzej

This amazing museum has hundreds of seashells displayed from all parts of Croatia and more. Their guide will tell you all you want to know about them, from rare species to extinct ones, they have it all. They also have different kinds of corals as well as turtle shells displayed, from many many years ago.


Makarska is famous for its crystal blue sea and amazing beaches. We will see which beaches are exceptionally famous and family-friendly.

Punta Rata

Punta Rata is a pebble beach with a sandy entrance to the sea. Due to its sandy entrance to the sea, it is very suitable for families with children.

It is surrounded by pine trees that provide thick shade when visitors want to get away from the hot summer sun. The beach is enhanced by an unusual round rock that emerges from the sea, which has become its recognizable symbol. You can rent loungers and parasols, as well as have a beverage or a snack in the local beach bar or a restaurant.

Tučepi beach

The longest beach on the Makarska Riviera, located in the tourist resort Tucepi, is only 7 kilometres away from Makarska. The beach is very popular among families, with or without children. It is made of fine pebbles, the tamarisk trees provide thick shade and there are many activities for children such as riding pedal boats or water slides.

Parents can relax in one of the cafés, rent sun loungers on the beach or take a stroll with the children on the promenade by the beautiful pebble beach.

Tučepi beach

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