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5 Tips for the Best Holiday in Zadar

5 Tips for the Best Holiday in Zadar

Zadar isthe second-largest city in Dalmatia and is a historical treasure chest full of surprises that will take your breath away. In today's article, you will find the 5 best tips to make your holiday in Zadar unforgettable.

  1. Start with a perfect accommodation

Having the time of your life in Zadar means staying at the best accommodation you can find, and nothing beats a luxury villa.

You can find luxury villas near the city centre or, if you prefer, one in a more secluded area outside the city. Renting a luxury villa is the best option because you do not have to share anything with other guests like in a hotel, and you can have as many amenities as you villa Kori

  1. Find the perfect beach

Zadar has some of the most beautiful beaches, and you can choose from sandy to pebble beaches. The sea is so clear that you can go swimming along the waterfront in the Old Town, which the locals call the “Riva”.

In Zadar, wherever you go the sea is clear, and you can literally point a finger on the map and take a swim there. During your holiday in Zadar, you can go to a different beach each day and have your own little tour of its coastline.

This little town offers something for everybody, whether you like hot places with lots of people or secluded beaches where your only company are the crickets that cheerfully sing their summer tunes.perfect beach Uskok

  1. Explore Zadar Old Town

Exploring Zadar Old Town is like going on a treasure hunt that has treasures wherever you look. From historical sightings to the best food and nightlife, Zadar offers more than some bigger cities.

You can even download the Secret Zadar App that will help you find all of Zadar’s secrets and fully enjoy everything this town has to offer.

Almost everything that happens in Zadar, happens in the Old Town—from dancing parties in nightclubs to the Musical Evenings in the old church of St. Donat (which is an amazing experience, as the church was built in the 9th century).Zadar Old Town

  1. Sailing tours in Zadar

After you’ve visited all the beaches, historical sightings and restaurants, you can book a sailing trip to some of the most beautiful islands you’ll ever see. Whether you want to rent a sailing boat by yourself or book a group sailing excursion, you won’t regret it.

Zadar archipelago is something you truly need to explore. Explore some of the most astonishing islands and enjoy swimming in the clearest sea you’ve ever seen.

And being on a sailboat while the Sun creates the most beautiful sunset in the world (approved by A. Hitchcock) is something you surely don’t want to miss.

  1. Visit places around town

Zadar is a small town and yes, it can be explored quite quickly, but there is much more than the old town. Near Zadar is Nin, the first Croatian royal city, which is a must-see.

There is also the Plitvice Lakes National Park, a paradise on earth that you must visit when you are in Zadar.

Zadar County has many more hidden treasures, all of which you can find in our articleThe best place for a luxury vacation in Zadar.

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