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The Night of the Full Moon Festival in Zadar

The Night of the Full Moon Festival in Zadar

Spending your summer vacation in Zadar is a great idea because you have so much to see and experience. The islands of the Zadar archipelago are full of amazing beaches and picturesque towns, but the city’s hinterlands also have a lot to offer.

Culture, gastronomy and history can all be combined with the pristine Adriatic, and if you do that, you can be sure that a visit to Zadar will be a visit you won’t forget.There is, however, one very interesting event you must check out if you find yourself in town at the time. The Night of the Full Moon is a festival that lets you get to know this part of Croatia and its customs and tradition in a single walk across Zadar’s Riva. Come here and you will spend an absolutely magical evening.

The atmosphere

Probably the most important reason why a visit to the Night of the Full Moon Festival is such a magical experience is the atmosphere. You see, Zadar’s street lights go out for this occasion, and Riva is illuminated by a series of candles and torches. 

The result is quite impressive and exceptionally romantic, so a walk here with your significant other or with your whole family is always going to be a great idea. You will have a great time soaking everything in, and there will be plenty of boats along the Riva too, serving as stands where you can try various things out.

It certainly helps that these nights are always popular, both among the locals and among the tourists, so you will be walking into a hive of activities, smells and tastes. Indeed, the whole place is so full of life that you’ll likely forget about the time and just keep on exploring. 

And when you add to that the hum of the majestic Sea Organ in the background, the enchanting Greeting to the Sun that’s just nearby, and the fact that just a few meters away is an impressive Roman Forum that looks quite special during the night, this will quickly become one of the best nights out you’ve had in a while. 

But that’s just the beginning.The atmosphere

The food

If you’re a foodie, the Night of the Full Moon will be a dream come true for you. Like we said, the boats that line up along the Riva will serve as stands where you can stop and grab a bite to eat, and everything they offer will come from somewhere in Zadar county.

For example, the fishermen from the small town of Kali, on the island of Ugljan, are quite famous around here, and they will come and offer all kinds of fish, from sardines to tuna. There will also be mussels from Novigrad and plenty of other seafood to enjoy.

Additionally, you can enjoy some local pastries, as well as cheeses, prosciuttos, all kinds of schnapps and many other products. Therefore, this is a great place to pick up a souvenir or two (perhaps a bottle of the aforementioned schnaps with some local flavour such as carob or figs?). 

And if you get the opportunity try (or buy) some Pag cheese. This amazing island just north of Zadar has become known around the world because of this product which in Croatia enjoys pretty much a divine status. In fact, paški sir (Croatian for Pag cheese) created on the Gligora farm was declared the very best sheep milk cheese IN THE WORLD. An absolute must!

Some hand-made items can usually also be purchased, which is another great idea for a souvenir. And since the festival usually lasts for about three nights, you will have plenty of time to enjoy it. Sometimes there are even different themes to a night, like Tuna Night, so check the schedule online to know what to expect.mussels in Zadar

The culture

On top of all that, you can enjoy various aspects of local culture through the concerts that take place here. This will most probably be some klapa, a traditional form of a capella singing that is still fairly popular. Usually, a klapa is composed of different male voices, but there are women’s klapas, too.

Think of something like a barbershop quartet, only with more people on stage.

Additionally, klapas usually wear traditional folk costumes, which is another reason why you should check them out - they both sound and look great.

Apart from this, there are other parts of Dalmatian folklore you can enjoy at the festival. Often, the stage will be taken by groups dedicated to preserving the heritage of this part of the country by performing various dances, and sometimes these groups will come from the Croatian diaspora, i.e. places like Australia, Canada, South America or even the US.

All in all, no matter when you come to the Night of the Full Moon Festival, you will have plenty to do. It’s really worth it to set aside an evening of your vacation for this and just relax and explore the local culture. You’ll love every second of it!

Get the right accommodation

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