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Top 10 Seaside Villas in Dalmatia

Top 10 Seaside Villas in Dalmatia

Croatia has always been one of the up-and-coming destinations in the world. It is a favourite for backpackers around the world, and today, this little country, nestled somewhere in a paradise, lures the attention of youngsters too.

Dalmatia is one of the most popular destinations because of its key attractions and world-class travel services.The breathtaking views of this region are unmatchable. Here are the top 10 seaside villas you can stay in when you plan your trip to Croatia!

#10 Villa di Lusso, Dubrovnik

Villa di Lusso creates an exceptional experience for your holiday in Croatia! It provides a magnificent Mediterranean scenery, complete with an olive grove! This place's cutting-edge architecture and design will take your breath away.

The beach is only 700 meters away from the villa. As a result, you can rest assured that the Adriatic Sea will be visible from your balcony.

It features a heated pool, Wi-Fi, SAT TV, and sun decks where you can spend a day grilling with your family.

Villa di Lusso, Dubrovnik#9 Villa Laurana, Zadar

it gives you the ultimate traditional feel with its stone and wood architecture.

The location is ideal since it allows you to drive to areas that are completely different from one another, such as a park, a lake, a beach, a museum, or a market.

Despite being 8 kilometers from the beach, Villa Laurana is close to the Vrana Lake Nature Park. The Vrana Lake is Croatia's largest lake, located between Zadar and Ibenik, two of the country's most historically significant cities. As a result, Villa Laurana is an excellent choice for families with children.

#8 Villa Mey, Dubrovnik

This beachfront property will let you forget about your worries. This sea view property is located on the sunny side of the island and is a dream. Pools, gardens, and beaches - if that doesn't entice you, we're not sure what will.

Villa Mey'sprivate beach is a huge plus. This secluded beach is exclusive to villa guests and is the ideal site to simply get out of bed, get a cup of coffee, and enjoy the sound and sight of the waves.

Spend a long morning reading a book, photographing the beach with friends and family, or simply meditating by the water. Villa Mey will ensure that you have the most enjoyable and comfortable vacation in Dalmatia possible.

Villa Mey, Dubrovnik

#7 Villa Revelin, Dubrovnik

You probably know that Dubrovnik is the city many scenes of Game of Thrones were shot in. This villa goes right with the theme because it was built in the 18th century.

Get the whole feel of leading the Dalmatian life, as you sightsee around the villa. What’s more,Villa Revelincomes with a villa manager who will be at your disposal 24 hours a day - so if you ever need anything, such as restaurant recommendations, pool or house cleaning, or Wi-Fi assistance, you're covered.

The beachfront offers spectacular views. Chill by the pool or by the sea and contemplate the place’s fascinating history (and mythology)!

Villa Revelin, Dubrovnik#6 Villa Cherry, Murter

Villa Cherryis situated on Murter Island(connected to the mainland) and is the best location for anyone wanting a get-away - literally!

Sitting surrounded by the mesmerizing waters of the Adriatic ocean, it doesn’t get more seaside than this. This is undoubtedly a place that will make you forget all your problems. Just think of that panoramic view! This is what we mean when we think about “livin’ that island life.”

This villa is fully equipped, and it even comes with gym facilities and a heated pool. Villa Cherry is family-friendly and pet-friendly- although you do have to contact them beforehand for your furry babies, since they have a pets-upon-request policy.

#5 Villa Monachus I, Brela

Experience the ultimate luxury while at Villa Monachus I in Makarska, Brela. We love its modern minimalist look - Villa Monachus spills luxury without being too ostentatious. Situated atop a lush hilltop, the villa overlooks the majestic Adriatic Sea. The beach is literally a hop skip and a jump from the villa - a mere 150 meters away.

Just relax by the porch and enjoy your family time all you want. Of course, you can also head out to experience the social life in the county, but you will almost never feel like leaving the villa - it’s that beautiful.

The view of the mighty Adriatic Sea encapsulates the aura of this place in one glimpse. The place is a haven for fantastic views and royal service.

#4 Villa Golden Moon, Primošten

This is by far one of the best serene locations for your stay in Dalmatia. Those looking for a leisurely stay in the country can stop their searches right here. We’re willing to bet Villa Golden Moon is your dream accommodation.

Unlike other villas, Villa Golden Moon is situated right on the beach, rather than some distance away from it.

Sit by the windows at night and watch the waters turn into diamonds as the moon shines. Accommodating up to 6 guests, this villa will give you moments to cherish for the rest of your life. It has private access to the beach, a sauna, as well as a conciergeto help you around the place. Another cool facility of the villa is that it has covered parking, so you don’t have to worry about your cars.Villa Golden Moon, Primošten

#3 Villa Katarina, Cavtat

Another Croatian getaway in paradise! Villa Katarina is situated right on the coast - if you love the water, this place is just for you. You have beaches, a pool, even a Finnish sauna, all within your reach! It is also equally close to the market. The nearest restaurant, café, and pharmacy are just 200 meters away!

Villa Katarina also provides bicycles for its guests to ride down to the town centre; they also have a cute Vespa motorcycle and a speedboat too!

There is also a wine cellar, so you can go all out and indulge yourself. It’s bound to be a lifelong experience if you choose Villa Katarina.

#2 Villa Carmen Prizba, Korčula

Villa Carmenis as premium as it gets for holidaying! It is exceptionally spacious for the price and is located bang on the beach.

Very little separates you from the magnificence of the Adriatic Sea! The inside and outside of Villa Carmen Prizba are explicitly made in the Mediterranean styleand have lovely stone and botanic decorations all over the place.

It provides a year-round heated indoor pool as well as a sauna. But do you need a poolwhen you have the sea? The beach is a ridiculous 2 meters from the Villa Carmen Prizba; imagine all the selfies you can take!

Villa Carmen Prizba, Korčula

#1 Villa Antoan, Dubrovnik

Are you searching for the perfect place to take your close ones for a holiday? All the other villas capping off at a maximum of 8 people?Villa Antoanwill blow your mind. 5 fully furnished bedrooms, which means it has more than enough space for 10 people! Its total area is a whopping 630 square meters - and a private pool is 28 square meters!

The property is so large and lavish that it requires an elevator. This makes it perfect if you have older people or companions with special accessibility needs in your party.

They offer luxurious suites with amenities like free Wi-Fi, boat rentals, a private beach, an infinity pool, and a beautiful welcome package. Enjoy the best sunrises and sunsets at Villa Antoan, take a Game of Thrones tour in the town centre and soak in the crystal blue waters of the sea right from your room!

Final Words

Dalmatia is a place of history, culture, beaches, and tourist attractions. However, choosing the right place to stay in your journey can make or break your entire trip. So, select the best of the above experiences and make sure you've got your focus right.

Take a leisurely tour down the Croatian islands or visit the UNESCO sites from Dubrovnik. Most importantly, the sea awaits! Choose the best seaside villas in Dalmatia! We hope our top 10 list will help you come to a blissful decision. So, wait no more! Your wholesome experience in Croatia is just a click away!

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